1. Ten minutes apart.

  2. Frontside Boardslide Shove-it

  3. The good ol’ days…

  4. Ten minutes apart.

  6. Accidentally knocked down a mud wasp nest filled with fresh-kill spiders.  They seemed alive but stunned.  Wasp came back to collect the spiders one by one.  Awesome. Who knew?  

  7. Greenport Skatepark

  8. I knew exactly how he was feeling when my older son (10 at the time) asked me about getting a job.  Kids aren’t really allowed to work, save for the lemonade stand or mowing someone’s lawn, but all kids at some point want to earn some money.  Using the “teach a person how to fish” mentality I built my son a towable drink cart that acted as a stand when he parked his bike.  Then I chaperoned him to spots where we both believed he would find thirsty customers.  Business was a breeze, literally.  Unfortunately, his mother objected to her son hawking drinks around town and the whole thing got mothballed.

  9. I invented this because I want to see more people use bicycles to get around.  Imagine if you could double the number of bicycle users without doubling the number of bicycles!

    Check out my video demonstration -